2012 -  Volume 8

Why Shepherds?
​I was actually doing a little research on a different subject to start with this month and while doing so I ran across an interesting tidbit of information. Some of you may have thought this through yourselves or heard of it before, but I had never really thought about the “Why.”  Read More

Broke & Happy
​Yes - I used the same title as Brother Brad’s poem on the opposite page this month, but I just kept going back to it and it seemed to be what I needed to write about.  Read More

It'll Be OK....(Right?)
​I’ve said that plenty of times before, usually right after something happens that seems like a big “let-down” at the time. Maybe it was something as trivial as me knocking over a barrel in a barrel race or our horse getting banged around at the start of a quarter horse race....OR it could be have been something a little more serious like the loss of a job or even the loss of a loved one.  Read More

YOLO - Right?
​You Only Live Once, Right? I seen that abbreviation/acronym - whatever you want to call it - on facebook a while back and was caught off guard at first. The post it was used in was referring to doing whatever you want in this life....who cares what the consequences might be.....with an attitude of “it’s my life, so I’ll do what makes me happy and forget everyone else.”  Read More

Don't Take It For Granted
​Rain.......Sweet Rain......
Some of you will respond immediately to the reading of that simple word. Most of those living in my part of the country have been praying for rain for the biggest part of the summer this year, including me.  Read More

They have to Do It on Their Own
​For those of you out there reading the title of this month’s Christian Cowboy Collection who have kids.....you get it.....I know. I have kids and I cannot tell you the times when I was trying to show them something or tell them something - either to do OR not to do - and they just couldn’t understand why. They had to try it their way before they could figure out what I had been trying to explain all along.  Read More

Thank God for Good Ground
​Many of you reading this can remember barrel racing before the 4-N-1. Many of you can remember barrel racing before horse show committees actually worked up the ground at all....or maybe even before barrel racers (gamers) competed in actual arenas. One thing is for sure, barrel racing ground is a lot better and safer - not to mention more consistent - than it was way back when.  Read More

The Shirt Off 'Yer Back
​For some reason this month the phrases, “Hats off to Him” and “He’d give you the shirt off his back” have been rolling around in my head. I have no idea why, other than I figure God must be trying to show me something. It started when I was at a 4H meeting with the kids and one of the girls had forgotten her cowboy boots. Gracie immediately offered hers and although they were too small, it made me realize how sometimes the smallest gestures can remain with someone.  Read More

Watch Where 'Yer Steppin'
​How many times have you heard that? Or better yet....how many times have you had to say that while giving a “tour” of the farm? Warning unknowing “city-folk” of droppings from either equine, bovine or - heaven forbid - canine. We take it as coming with the territory, they just say “ewwwww!” and “that stinks!”  Read More

God On The Mountain
​One of my favorite songs of all time goes like this...(Yes I’m going to include the WHOLE song!!)  Read More

​Forgiveness, like the country song says, “it’s such a simple word.” It’s easy to throw it around when you’re on the end that needs forgiving. But not so easy when you’re the one who has been “wronged.” We’d rather hold a grudge, or at least keep dibs on being able to bring up the past in what might seem to be an opportune moment for a “look what so and so did to me pity party.”  Read More

Don't Forget to Praise
​Out of curiosity I asked the ever dependable Google a question. I typed in this question: “How many times is the word praise mentioned in the bible?” Google didn't take long to provide a link (or two...) that could answer my question.  Read More
2013 - Volume 9

Once Saved, Always Saved?
With it being the Christmas season, I really wanted to share something to do with the birth of Jesus and the prophecies that He fulfilled.....but God had other plans.  I was included in some great facebook conversation the other day and felt compelled to share it with all of you.  We’ve taken up some extra room this month but hope you’ll take the time to read the opinions of these folks.  And remember, this isn’t meant to cause any arguments, just some great views shared in love. (Thank you, Amy Laymon for a great topic!)  Read More

Blurred Lines
No, not the song. Well, yes, the song, I guess. I mean it started with the song. I was about to drift off to sleep last night and that line came into my head (from the song.)  My train of thought would probably scare some of you, so I won’t go into that much detail here....but suffice to say, it started with the song.  Read More

Do You Have the Answers?
I was listening to a very interesting video/podcast this past week called “The God Delusion Debate.” It was a debate between two well known scholars, each very successful and respected in their fields, that took place in Birmingham, Alabama.  Read More

Taking the High Road - What Kind of Impression Are You Leaving Behind?
It’s not about what we aquire while we are here, it’s not really about how much we accomplish or what we win that will matter in the end. Our story is being written every second of every day and what will matter when it is all over are the paths we have chosen , who’s paths we have crossed and what we leave behind.  Read More

I attended a funeral/memorial recently.  During the service, one of the men speaking compared the deceased to a dandelion.  Read More

Be A Witness, Not A Judge
I happened to see those words on a church sign while on vacation over the past month.  I really got to thinking about that simple statement and how it is such great advice. Read More

Stumbling Blocks & Stepping Stones
They are part of our lives. We can call them whatever we want, but just because we are going through a trial or a tough time does not mean that our “life” has been put on hold. It may feel like it, but we ARE still living and it is still our story being written.  Read More

Don't You Worry, Don't You Worry, Child....
I was out in the barn the other day, talking to God....wait, let me go back.  Read More

Do You Know Where You Are Going?  Does Anyone Else Know Where You're Going?
The first part of that title probably doesn’t surprise you too much if you have ever taken the time to read the “Last and Most Important Thought” on the next page..... but the second portion of the title may have you puzzled. Let me explain what I am referring to.  Read More

Misplace Something?
How frustrating is that? You head out to the barn to saddle up your favorite mount and as you’re grooming away the dirt and dust, you look down and notice something isn’t right. One, two, three......only three shoes. Where is that fourth shoe?  Read More

You Make A Better Door Than A Window
​Have you ever heard that phrase? I’ve heard it several times - usually when I was standing in front of the television, blocking someone’s view. I’ll also have to admit that I have used the same phrase when my kids are blocking my view of something! It basically means that you’re in the way and blocking someone else’s view.  Read More

Closure.....or Not?
​Sometimes it takes closure to start anew....and sometimes you just have to move on and wait for God to bring (or not bring) the closure in his time.  Read More
Welcome to Racin' to Eternity!  This is the home of the Christian Cowboy Collection or the Christian Barrel Racer's Newsletter (CBRN.)  All of the articles from January 2008 to now have been included in a monthly issue of The "Fast" Horse Resource Magazine.  We hope you take some time and read this month's version as well as looking back through the archives.  There are some great messages included in them.

My name is Christa Conway and I have been writing the CBRN every month since January of 2004.  If you'll go back and read the very first issue, it will give you my story and explain to you how I came about this calling.

I would like to give the glory to God for the messages.  They are all from Him in one way or another.  I cannot take the credit except to say that he supplies the fish....we just have to dig up the worms and go fishing.  I feel that this has been my "calling" and I hope that the messages are a blessing to anyone who reads them.

I am blessed to live on our horse farm/ranch in Muncie, Indiana with my husband of 20 years, Vick, and our two children Garrett & Gracie.

You can also find past issue in "Notes" on my facebook page.

Happy Trails & God Bless!
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2014 - Volume 10

God Will Work It Out
Have you ever been in a position that you just thought could not get any worse? Rock bottom, some might say?  Read More

There Are No Ordinary People
C.S. Lewis:
It may be possible for each to think too much of his own potential glory hereafter; it is hardly possible for him to think too often or too deeply about that of his neighbor.  Read More

What Does Being A Christian Mean To You?
That was the question asked by the pastor at church this past Sunday. It seems like a simple enough question, Right? Until you start to think about how you would answer.  Read More

Sorry, There is No "Easy Button"
If you haven’t seen the ads for a major company that include the “Easy Button,” you should still be able to figure out what the “Easy Button” could signify.  Read More

God, Why Won't You Answer Me?
Have you ever asked that question? I have.  I have found myself felling like God has forgotten me on more than one occasion.  Now, I want you to know that I know that is not true. I know it, but the devil will lie to us and try to convince us that and many other lies.  Read More

Are You Thirsty?
The last line of last month’s column was this, “We can sit on a shelf and be admired or we can carry a drink to someone who is thirsting.” When I mentioned those words, I wasn’t referring to a literal drink, but something more.  Read More

The Potter Knows the Clay
If you have never heard those words before, they can carry a lot of meaning. This is also the title to one of my favorite songs. You can find it on YouTube. I’ll share the lyrics with you:  I know you are going through the fire, Its getting hard to stand the heat, But even harder is the wondering, Is God’s hand still on me, Its lonely in the flames, When you’re counting days of pain.... Read More

Building A Relationships - Trusting and Bonding
Last month I wrote about horses and their instinct to flight or fight and how trust works to eliminate both of those choices.  This month I want to touch more on trust. It is amazing how strong a bond can become when it is built on trust. What is maybe even more amazing is how quickly and easily that same bond can be broken when the trust is breached.  Read more

Flight or Fight (and Trust)
You’ve all heard that expression before. If you’ve been around horses or read anything about horses, you’ll have heard the “flight or fight” phrase. Because they are prey animals in the wild their natural instinct is to flee when threatened or when cornered in threat they will fight.  Read More

Imprinting & "Raising A Child Up"
It’s that time of year again. Baby horses are all over my social media pages. Then there are the questions and discussions about “imprinting” foals. “Do you imprint your foals?” “How much imprinting is too much?” There are blogs and chat rooms full of the discussion this time of year.  Read More

Wings As Eagles
Isaiah 40:31
King James Version (KJV)
31 But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.  Read More

The Days Are Getting Longer Now!
One of my favorite days of the year comes right before Christmas. It is the winter solstice and usually occurs on December 21st or 22nd. The “winter solstice” (here in the northern hemisphere it is considered the Southern solstice) occurs on the shortest day and longest night of the year, when the sun’s daily maximum elevation in the sky is the lowest. Did you get that? The “shortest day” of the year....why would I be excited about the shortest day - with the least amount of sunlight - of the year?  I’ll tell you why. 
 Read More
2015 - Volume 11

What Mountain Are You Going Around?
Have you ever ridden a horse that seemed to need a refresher course about the same issue over and over again? Maybe they tend to get a little “pushy” on the bit, maybe they tend to want to drop their shoulder while doing slow work or maybe they are insecure and need your help over and over again to reassure them of themselves and their job and of their talent.  Read More.....

​Give'm A Job
I don’t know how many times I have told my kids that as they are trying to get an anxious, worrisome or “feel good” horse to stand still when all the horse wants to do is fidget. “Give’m a job! Get to walking and give them something to do to busy their mind a bit.”  Read More...

When you see the word ‘communication,’ what comes to mind? Depending on who you are communicating with plays a big roll in how you perceive the word. I mean, we communicate in so many different ways these days.  Read More...

Workin' for the Lord
 I was listening to a podcast the other day while out in the barn cleaning stalls. It just so happens that cleaning stalls has not been on my chore list for a while (other than the occasion that one of the girls is sick.) I have been super busy in the office and have to make time to get out to the barn to ride each day. So, my being in a stall while listening to this particular podcast on this particular day was no coincidence (I don’t believe in those anyway.)  Read More...

Know When to Fold'em...
Last month we talked about knowing when to hold’em. This month we move on to knowing when to fold’em, walk away and sometimes even to run.  Read More...

You've Got to Know When to Hold'em...
Some of you may read that title and it brings to mind an old county song. Maybe Kenny Rogers?? Next month we’ll talk about knowing when to fold’em, knowing when to walk away...etc.   Read More...

You Have Everything You Need
You have everything you need to fulfill God’s divine purpose for your life.  I read this line in my devotions this morning and it really stood out to me.  Read More....

Not My Will, But Yours Be Done
Do you remember the Garth Brooks song Unanswered Prayers? It is a good old country song that talks about wanting something and praying really hard for that something. It focuses on those unanswered prayers as the singer realizes down the road that things went much better than they would have if the prayer had been answered.  Read More....

I'm Not Worthy
As I write this month I realize that once you are reading my words Easter will have already passed. Even so, it is what is on my heart. With the reminders through Lent, Palm Sunday and leading to Good Friday and Easter I have an overwhelming feeling of unworthiness.  Read More...

Surviving or Thriving?
People are a lot like horses in many ways. One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that there are horses of all shapes and sizes, all personalities and drives, all demeanors and work ethics. Just like there are people.  Read More...

God is Seldom Early, But He's Never Late
I have come to love and hate this phrase, “God is seldom early, but He is never late.” I don’t mean that in any way other than I love that it’s true and I hate that it’s true.  Read More..

Making Things New Again
There is a beautiful song I ran across that Brad Paisley and Sara Evans recorded together. I’m not sure of much else about the song other than the name is “New Again” and I found it on Rhapsody. (You can also find it on You Tube.) It is a beautiful song with so much meaning and worth a listen.  Read More...
2004 - Volume 1

What's This I am Reading?
I have been trying to figure out what I am supposed to be doing in my spare time while I am at home with my two kids,
two dogs and barn full of horses. ”Wait a minute…what spare time?” you may ask.

Great Response
I have had such a positive response to this newsletter! It looks like I have found my niche, as someone told me this past week.

God Loves Them As Much As He Loves Me
I have caught myself so many times screaming out in “road rage” at “that idiot” that pulled out in front of me. It’s usually while I’m driving with the horse-trailer in tow.

Easter Sunday is April 11
I’ve tried to include stories, poems and other items related
to the true reason we celebrate Easter, the resurrection of Jesus, in this months newsletter.

A Different Look at Psalm 23
I received this in an e-mail and thought it was a pretty interesting take on the 23rd Psalm.  See what you think.

$6.00 (Listen to that Voice)
I have a story to tell you about how God can use us in the simplest ways. To us, at the time we get the sense that we need to do something, it may seem silly or trivial.

Count Your Blessings
We all get so caught up in the day-to-day goings on, that we tend to take for granted the things that God blesses us with everyday.

Hang On!
Have you ever been sitting on a horse one second and the next second that horse is trying to put you on the ground?

Let Me Introduce You to My Friend
His name is Jesus. Most of us barrel racers know people from all walks of life, thanks to this sport. We can usually call one of our “horsey friends” and get new tires, our hair cut or even legal advice.

This Little Light of Mine
Remember that song from Sunday school? “This little light of
mine, I’m gonna let it shine. This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.”

Setting Goals & Reaching A Destination
Most people, especially barrel racers have goals. We want to make it into the 1st division, the top five in our division or win a buckle or saddle. And to some of us our goal is just
getting to the next show.

Merry Christmas!
Yes, you read it right. Does it bother you to see it written like that? It does me. So many people don’t see the harm in the “shorthand” version of CHRISTMAS. If you look closely at it when we write it that way, we’ve taken Christ out of Christmas.
2016 - Volume 12

Saying Goodbye
Tomorrow is going to be hard.  Read More

Are You Ready?
I was offering some advice to a person regarding keeping her horse quiet until it was time to run.  Read More

There is nothing more exciting to me than watching a well nurtured himan and equine partnership exhibit their combined abilities in a show arena.  Read More

Bad Ground (reprint)
I have written in the past about planting seeds and reaping what you sow. I have emphasized to be sure to plant good seeds and not be planting weeds.  Read More

Balance (Sit Still!)
I can still hear my dad's voice from the sidelines telling me to "sit still" while running barrels on my little red roan mare, Roany (original name, I know.)  Read More

Feel the Tug
My Sunday School teacher has used that phrase to describe how he knows that God is real. He compared it to a young boy flying a kite in the park. The kite was so high up in the sky that it was no longer visible to those on the ground. A passerby asked the young boy how he knew the kite was still there when he couldn’t see it. The young boy simply replied, “because I can feel the tug.”  Read More

Push Through
As a barrel racer, those words may mean something different to me than someone who has never ridden a horse. I get an instant picture of an electric eye and an invisible line that I need to be sure my horse crosses at full speed. Those last few strides before the timing line can mean the difference between 1st place and no check.  Read More